Increases sales and reduces costs connected with customer service

This is a new standard of winning clients and of efficient control over employees. The system consists of three integrated parts (they work simultaneously):
- Horeca Idea Web – an online tool for booking rooms and designing events by your customer,
- Horeca Idea Solutions – a system of selling and carrying out events by your employee,  
- Horeca Idea Management – control panel of income, costs of events and employees management.

Access to the program, thanks to its online functionality, is possible at any time of the day, 365 days a year, from any place. Thanks to this, the comfort of booking rooms by your customers and selling events by your staff is bigger. Moreover, you have constant control over sales.

Online booking of a room is possible thanks to the Room Occupancy Calendar which:
-makes checking availability of rooms easier,
-provides detailed information about scheduled events,
-enables efficient room management.  
The system is a perfect tool for building long-term relations with clients. Its elements include:
-innovative customer relationship management system,
-customer database with contact history module,
-offer management centre,
-discount/bonus management system,
-price policy system,
-sales planning,
-sales, costs and employee activity reports system,
-promotion campaigns system.

Key assets of the program:
- Increase of the number of conferences and banquets organized in your facility
- Reduction of the costs of events
- Efficient completion of: customers’ orders, employees’ tasks, management supervision.   

You will find the details on the subpages.

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